Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gob Stoppers

So the topic of hawkin loogies is where were at this week huh....well where shall I start?

I think for a lot of men it all starts out as being a boy and watching our favorite sports players carry out their in game routines and such. Every pitcher in Major League Baseball and quarterback in NFL Football seems to have an endless amount of saliva just waiting to horked out in front of 50,000 paying fans and another million sitting watching at home. So why do they spit constantly....I dunno but they do.

They scowl at the opponent's and hawk a loogie almost as a sign of intimidation to the other team....okay fine they are very focused and these are in game rituals by pros. I guess sports guys think there is an air of cool in spitting constantly.

Well take your impressionable male youth that's watching these sporting events taking cues from their hero's.....maybe those sports stars should take note to the layers of gob they influence on to our local sidewalks etc...but I hardly see change in this area at anytime soon.

So now that wide eyed little kid is a teenager now....zit faced, bad attitude and full of testosterone looking for an outlet around every corner to unleash rebellion. Surely the teen feels an incessant need for coolness and hey remember those sports stars...hey this must be what you do! Now this isn't just gender specific on this topic either. I have seen plenty of girls/ladies throw down some spit although it is a more rare occurrence....kinda like farting...right girls ....cuz well girls dont fart!

Sometimes ....well you just gotta spit...were human with a mouthful of saliva that never stops...well almost never stops. Us as parents need to tell our kids this isn't good social behaviour....sorry tell the"boys" this isn't proper behaviour in public.....but I'm not too sure how well that message will get received or will just fly in one and out the other ear...I'm going with the fly aspect. But its worth a try.

Its kinda that age old debate isn't it...Spit or Swallow? I THINK I WILL STOP RIGHT THERE.

He Said

I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me.

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