Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Techno Geeks and Ram Lovers

Nerds geeks and losers come in many forms....but not all are created equal. Like most things humans enjoy...you get different strokes for different folks.

So yes we have all encountered these super geek fathers or guys who wish they could find a piece of ass ... geeking out at the video game section or game demo booth hootin and hollering about the next developments in geekdar gamer land. That scene isnt going away at anytime. These dudes BO will only get stronger and there socks will only continue to get pulled up to epic levels. And why wont it go away?

Well because video gaming is one of the largest and strongest industries in the world that "wasn't" effected by the economic change felt by most North American businesses. The fact that this industry saw increases in the economic fallout is a clear indicator of the strength of Geekdar Pleasantville. These guys support there addictions and hobbies like no other. That is good for the gaming companies....bad for the rest of us ...but only to a small degree.

Not all gamers are created equal either. The fact is in this modern generation, video gaming is a part of our landscape... we see it everywhere...TV ads, billboards and every kid talking about the new COD title sweeping up the nation. You have the occasional players who rarely game....you have the sports and gathering type players who play Madden Football or FIFA Soccer/ NHL etc... and enjoy a few drinks and games with friends.....and then you have the very popular Wii players which rangers across the age gap from young to seniors in nursing homes...literally.
Gaming is part of our culture and will continue to be so.

But you also have the super geek.....the dudes who's whole quest in life is to be the best online shootem up role playing dork you can find lurking online to show every 12 year old that he is the supreme gamer and 35 year old dweeb....this list is deep and growing.....but as long as they are not hurting anyone and don't stand too close to me...its a-okay in my book. You always have exceptions to every rule right...here too.

To lump gamers into the same pile is simply not fair and ladies if these are deal breakers for you....you need to self reflect...I'm sure there are people in your life can peg you on things you enjoy very close to the comments on these gamers....Or maybe...just maybe these complaints are signs people are just getting.....OLD :P

But getting up in the middle of the night to game is total geekdar loserville in my book!

I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me

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