Sunday, June 27, 2010

Melted Wax and Sprinkles

I wanted to keep with the theme of the Cocktail Divas blog entry this week so I deliberately didn't post an entry to it right away :P

But in all seriousness, I think everyone wants their birthday to be acknowledged we want to feel important to the ones who apparently care most about us. I can speak from first hand experience.... my folks haven't observed my birthday or were even in the country for 5 of the last birthdays I have had. It pissed me off really..... I didn't say anything to them about it until this year. Well lets just say it didn't go over very well.

They became very defensive and asked if I would like them to throw me a birthday party complete with party hats, balloons, clowns and pony rides. All I really wanted was for my folks to feel like I do about my kids. My crib midgets are ultra important to me...I couldn't dream of missing their birthdays and if I did we would celebrate short there after. I guess my folks forgot they have a phone.

So I do hear ya Dee, cards and a flaming cake from the kids woulda been good and Mr Cocktail Diva may have been asleep at the wheel ...."but"....I will say..... I think in our busy lives we have so many hats to wear on a daily basis that we also don't communicate with each other what it is we truly do desire to create happiness or memories.

Now saying I think you should throw me a big birthday bash complete with clowns and pony rides is definitely more than a bit much! But its okay to drop a hint or two isn't it? Otherwise we set our expectations up to be disappointed.

I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me.

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  1. But I did give hints...then I just plain to him !! Needless to say..I'm still waiting..;(