Friday, June 25, 2010

Let Her Eat CAKE!!

So it has been 5 sleeps since the Colossal Birthday FAIL in my house and yes damn it...Mama is still bitter...Please don't tell me to drop it, or get over it...well you can, but I won't listen.

All I wanted was a bloody candle to blow out and my kids to sing Happy Birthday to me...Is that too much to ask? No fancy cake needed, a cupcake, muffin, hell even a Timbit would have done the trick. If you throw in a macaroni necklace and some toddler scribble on a home made card, I would be over the moon!

The whole point of a birthday for me is not the "getting" of things, it's the "making" of things, memories to be exact. So to see my 4 darling children sing me Happy Birthday is a great that I don't have this year.

Why you ask?...and even if you didn't...because my husband is insensitive and has no clue how important it is for me to feel a teeny bit special, even for just a few moments.

Now before you add all your ever so clever, "Oh here's yet another ungratefully wife, bitching about her husband" comments. I am very gratefully for my husband and I show him how grateful at least 3 times a week. Well that was until his COLOSSAL BIRTHDAY FAIL!

So it is my Professional opinion that my husband is a Giant JERKAPOTOMUS and that I , his ever so loving wife deserves an apology and some understanding. Understanding in the fact that just because he feels that a Birthday is "just another day", does not mean that I share this same feeling. And in this feelings trump his!


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