Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mr Penis Reporting for Duty!

Well it has not been on purpose that I have yet to reply to the blog....but more that I got hit with a nasty cold/flu like thing that had me laid out and almost unable to even think......but I'm sure in my lounged out state there was a little penis adjusting that would have taken place.....or well...did!

So why....why do we constantly move the wiener, adjust the sausage or well just grab at the family jewels you ask......well...its simple...it feels...NICE! Thank you for reading the blog see you next week.

He Said

All kidding aside....well it does feel nice....but moving forward in the case of small boys....I think its their way of being connected to themselves and in some cases their growing sexuality. In some cases I think it very much is the whole...hey this feels good and in others it is merely a nervous habit.

My son is a professional dink grabber... apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess cuz I'm like a NFL Pro bowler :P. No he isn't a chronic masturbater but he enjoys some alone time...but his grabbing of the main vein is more a nervous thing, when he is in a setting he is not used to... the hand seems to gravitate towards squeezing the purple headed wizard...he at 6 doesn't understand that people when nervous don't grab at themselves...so you look the other way. We don't want him to think its wrong to be touching ourselves but rather in our own privacy....we don't want to tell him don't do that making him feel like like he is doing something wrong which doesn't help with self body image. So we just go with the flow.

So when does all this change? Well....never...you just become better at hiding it or making it a more dramatic display of man ism.

Oh and well there is nothing worse than your sweaty nut sac stuck to your leg....or ...well you get the point. Plus when something is large it has to be kept comfortable...atleast thats what they tell me...lol :P

When I was a kid my brother used to say don't worry ...one day your penis might even touch your underwear...keep touchin it under the covers and it will grow. :P I still continue to explore this dream! One day I tell myself...one day!

He Said

I knew All The Rules But The Rules Did Not Know Me!

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