Friday, September 3, 2010

"Leave it Alone !!! It'l Grow!"

So I spent last weekend at a trailer park...there I said it..Out Loud even...

To just get it all off my chest...I met my husband at the same trailer park...No makeup on, hair was a nest, smelt of a Bug Spray/Budweiser combo could he resist?

Well enough about my Cinderella romance... My Daddy Draws will find it refreshing that I am not ranting in this post...I merely have a question...and here it is...

Why do you touch it so much?

I spent an afternoon by the beach watching the kids build sand castles, but what I could not help noticing is that YOU ALL do it...A LOT! Poking, scratching, squeezing, shifting. Some trying to hide it, others announcing it...I just don't get it.

If women walked around touching it half as much as men do there would be a law by now...A "NO TOUCHING IT IN PUBLIC" Ban.

What's wrong with it? Is it too big? too small? ill ? Can you restrain it somehow? Why do you feel it's "OK" to do it in public? After all, George Michaels did and he got arrested.


  1. LOL. I try to avoid touching that or my nose in public. Sadly that's not the rule.

  2. weren't talking about the nose?

  3. If I have to tell my kid one more time "Get your hand out of your pants!" ....

  4. haha - I remember asking my Dr about it when my guy was little b/c he seemed to touch it a LOT! Dr said... it never changes, we just learn to hide it better! :)